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Custom Luxury Pocket Folders

Lux Pocket Folders are created with YOU in mind.

Our designers work hard to provide show-stopping print-ready folders.

We love our designs, and we know we'll love yours too!

Below you will find everything you need to

design from-scratch luxury.


The possibilities are endless - are you up for creating your bit of LUX?

Click the buttons below for our FREE TO USE downloadable templates!

Adobe Illustrator:


Let us
Design for

How to use our Templates:

Step 1: Click and Download your template. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator 2020 or later.

Step 2: Place your artwork in your desired location on the 'Artwork' layer.

  • If utilizing the Raised UV option, place the artwork you would like raised on the 'Scodix' layer. Color this artwork solid with the default 'magenta' color option.

  • Follow the guides built-in to the template to assist in placing your artwork.

  • Note: The interior pocket artwork will look upside-down on the file. During production the design will be folded - resulting in the placed artwork facing right-side-up in the final product!

Step 3: Save your file!

  • If saving with illustrator: Leave all layers attached.

  • If saving with another software: Hide or remove template layer. Your file may be saved as a 'flat image'- We will not be able to separate the template material from your creation.

Step 4: Send us your file!

  • Attach your luxury design as a file in our inquiry form or email us directly at

  • Feel free to add any additional information regarding your design.

Upon receiving your files, our designers will develop and return a proof to you for approval. Looks Matter. Our designers may request additional information to assist in creating the highest quality product custom for you and your luxury business. 

Interested in something just for you, but not sure where to start?

No Problem! It's what our designers are here for!

Fill out our Inquiry form found on our 'Inquiry' page with your information.


Be sure to include any preferences or ideas you have in mind.

Utilize the 'upload file' option if you have a specific logo, image, etc. you would like us to use.

See a design on our page that you like? We can absolutely customize it for you! Just let us know the name of the design you're interested in and provide us any info you want added (company logo, name, address, phone number, etc.). The possibilities are endless!

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